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BACKS BOOTS position 9 - 15
feature is light weight with 4 studs allows for pivotal movement,and less mud collection. that results in a lighter boot designed for speed and kicking
JUNIOR BOOTS size 5 and under
junior boots only have 4 studs in the front regardless of position. this is due to the fact there is no room for an extra 2 studs junior players change positions however non kicking players are advised to wear a hard toe boot .
LOOSE FORWARDS BOOT low cut soft toe
loose forwards boots are a football boot with 2 extra studs on the front to obtain better grip in the scrum,maul,and ruck also used by big backs and crash centres,or players who change positions
all players should own a pair of moulded boots when the ground is hard,a stud will not break the surface ,this results in loss of traction - ankle injury - pressure blisters on the sole - also stud inserts on screw in boots will break

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